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Cover photoBy Kris Gilbertson
Meghan Baroody, owner and driving force behind Meggrolls is a native Alexandrian, part of a “giant family” of Lebanese/Irish/English heritage. “My dad was born and raised in Alexandria as well,” she says, “and Mom was born in Southeast DC. She’s the oldest of five; Dad is youngest boy of eight; I am the youngest of six. All my siblings have ‘normal’ jobs, like teachers, lawyers, business developers, mothers, fathers—all my siblings have children. I have Meggrolls.” Read more

Facebook Leads New York Times Bestseller Cokie Roberts To Choose Old Town Artist for Book Cover

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Todd Healy and Cokie Roberts at the National Archives in April.  Courtesy photo.

Todd Healy and Cokie Roberts at the National Archives in April. Courtesy photo.

Harper Collins found Todd Healy via Facebook. Spotting a hand-colored bird’s-eye view of Washington, D.C. with the Capitol in the foreground (circa 1861) on Healy’s site, they asked his permission to use it for an upcoming book cover’s jacket. Cokie Roberts was penning a new tome, and they thought it was a perfect fit.

“It’s such a privilege to have my work featured on Cokie Roberts’ new book,” Healy said. “She is a national treasure, incredible writer and historian, and I’m humbled she is using one of my
drawings. ” Healy said.

Healy’s image is a rare and stunning drawing of the Capitol under construction, colored to convey the busy seat of government against a backdrop of farm country in the early stages of the city’s

“When I started Capitol Artifacts, it was my intention to bring to life some of the national landmarks of this important era,” Healy said. “I’m thrilled more people will get to see the 1861 image, thanks to Cokie’s book.”

Capital Dames, The Civil War and the Women of Washington, 1848-1868, is a companion to
Roberts’ New York Times best-selling works, Founding Mothers and Ladies of Liberty. Roberts marks the
sesquicentennial of the Civil War by offering a riveting look at Washington, D.C. and the experiences,
influence, and contributions of its women during this momentous period of American history.

Healy met Roberts late last month at a book signing at the National Archives. Healy, a staple in Old Town for over 35 years, is the owner of Gallery Lafayette and Framing Studio in Old Town, Alexandria.

Giving back to the community, Healy also raised $1,500 for Stop Child Abuse Now of Northern Virginia (SCAN) by donating the sales of all the books that was given by Harper Collins.

Prints of the image used can be purchased at Gallery Lafayette, 130 S Royal Street in Alexandria.

The Bees, Creigh Deeds, and the DMV

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By Tom Sherman

Samantha Gallagher with the finished plate she designed.  Photo by Claire Harper.

Samantha Gallagher with the finished plate she designed. Photo by Claire Harper.

Long before she designed a license plate commemorating native pollinators, Alexandria resident Sam Gallagher always liked bees. Even in grade school, when her primordial instincts should have been acutely aware of their evolutionary danger. Read more

Historic Buildings Get Funding in Alexandria

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The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum. Courtesy photo.

The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum. Courtesy photo.

The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum was recently awarded $3,220 from the non-profit Historic Alexandria Foundation to replicate the decorative ceiling medallion at the 18th-century drug emporium that has been missing for many years. Replication of the medallion will be executed using pieces from the original plaster casting and from historic photographs in the museum’s collection dating from the early 20th century. Replacement of the medallion will enhance the recent interior restoration of the apothecary that now interprets the 1904 period, a time when the U.S. Food and Drug Act was passed that regulated consumable medicines and food products for the first time. This is the second award to the museum in as many years; last year the foundation provided resources to replicate the historic glass show globes in the front windows

Two other institutions were also awarded funding this year. The Athenaeum at 201 Prince Street received funding for restoration of exterior stucco finishes and the Lee-Fendall House at 614 Oronoco Street was awarded funding to restore a deteriorated porch.


Athenaeum at 201 Prince Street. Courtesy photo.

Athenaeum at 201 Prince Street. Courtesy photo.

The Lee-Fendall House at 614 Oronoco. Courtesy photo.

The Lee-Fendall House at 614 Oronoco. Courtesy photo.

Corporate Sponsors Needed for Alexandria Preschoolers Backpacks

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CN Item 2--Backpacks for Brighter FuturesIf you are looking for a meaningful way to engage your employees and give back to the community, look no further than The Child and Family Network Centers Backpacks for Brighter Futures event this August. We are partnering with ten corporate sponsors to provide 175 backpacks stuffed with school supplies for our incoming class of preschoolers in Alexandria, VA. Contact Alexandra Hatch at for how your company can get involved.

Thunder and Lightning and Fireworks, OH MY!

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by Adrienne Hergen, DVM

Animal Tails--Fireworks ImageWith the warmer weather already here and the official start of summer fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about summertime anxiety triggers when it comes to our furry companions.  Fireworks and intense thunderstorms can be a source of stress and fear for some dogs and cats.  The reactions can vary in severity from mild shaking to very destructive and dangerous behaviors.  Some signs of anxiety are pacing, trembling, panting, drooling, attention-seeking, hiding, barking/vocalizing, and bolting.  To get away, animals will often hide behind furniture, go to the basement, or get in the bath tub.  It can be difficult for them to identify the source of the noise and therefore inside animals may try to get outside, and likewise, animals outside may be frantic to get indoors.  In the most extreme cases, some animals injure themselves by breaking out of their crate or even jumping through glass windows. Read more


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Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band plays The Hamilton Friday July 3rd.

Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band plays The Hamilton Friday July 3rd.

This seasoned funk/rock quintet brings their booty-shaking party from town to town. 

By Steve Houk

For any band playing live, getting the crowd to fall into your music at the show is obviously key. But for some bands, getting the crowd to become almost a part of the show is one of their main goals.

Take Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band for example. This uber-high energy funk/rock/soul/dance ensemble not only wants to be in sync with each other during their live shows, but they also want the crowd to be in the mix too. And it’s that interaction, and the ability to just let people be themselves and cut loose with the band, that’s kept them out there making music and records and doing their thing for more than a dozen funk-filled, booty shakin’ years. Read more


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By Steve Houk

America co-founders Dewey Bunnell (L) and Gerry Beckley (courtesy America)

America co-founders Dewey Bunnell (L) and Gerry Beckley (courtesy America)

Whether it was sitting in the back seat as a teenager listening to their songs on FM radio with the windows down and your hair flying in the wind, or hanging with your best friend in your bedroom singing along to their landmark Greatest Hits album “History,” the band America is as much a part of many of us who grew up in the 70’s as bellbottoms, a Stingray bicycle or Wacky Packages were.

It’s hard to think of another  band whose songs are so familiar to our generation, so engrained in us, that hearing them even today still makes us feel a whole range of emotions, like happiness, youthfulness, familiarity, as well as just digging on some really good music. Bands like The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith or for us in Connecticut, any one of a number of Southern rock bands, were also part of our burgeoning rock fibre back then, but America’s beautifully written, evocative, easily-sung-along-to music — come on, if you’re my age, you can hum at least five of their tunes right now — remains a coveted time capsule of our youth. And hey, the songs still sound great all these years later. Read more

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