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Cover photoBy Kris Gilbertson
Meghan Baroody, owner and driving force behind Meggrolls is a native Alexandrian, part of a “giant family” of Lebanese/Irish/English heritage. “My dad was born and raised in Alexandria as well,” she says, “and Mom was born in Southeast DC. She’s the oldest of five; Dad is youngest boy of eight; I am the youngest of six. All my siblings have ‘normal’ jobs, like teachers, lawyers, business developers, mothers, fathers—all my siblings have children. I have Meggrolls.” Read more

Facebook Leads New York Times Bestseller Cokie Roberts To Choose Old Town Artist for Book Cover

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Todd Healy and Cokie Roberts at the National Archives in April.  Courtesy photo.

Todd Healy and Cokie Roberts at the National Archives in April. Courtesy photo.

Harper Collins found Todd Healy via Facebook. Spotting a hand-colored bird’s-eye view of Washington, D.C. with the Capitol in the Foreground (circa 1861) on Healy’s site, they asked his permission to use it for an upcoming book cover’s jacket. Cokie Roberts was penning a new tome, and they thought it was a perfect fit.

“It’s such a privilege to have my work featured on Cokie Roberts’ new book,” Healy said. “She is a national treasure, incredible writer and historian, and I’m humbled she is using one of my
drawings. ” Healy said.

Healy’s image is a rare and stunning drawing of the Capitol under construction, colored to convey the busy seat of government against a backdrop of farm country in the early stages of the city’s

“When I started Capitol Artifacts, it was my intention to bring to life some of the national landmarks of this important era,” Healy said. “I’m thrilled more people will get to see the 1861 image, thanks to Cokie’s book.”

Capital Dames, The Civil War and the Women of Washington, 1848-1868, is a companion to
Roberts’ New York Times best-selling works, Founding Mothers and Ladies of Liberty. Roberts marks the
sesquicentennial of the Civil War by offering a riveting look at Washington, D.C. and the experiences,
influence, and contributions of its women during this momentous period of American history.

Healy met Roberts late last month at a book signing at the National Archives. Healy, a staple in Old Town for over 35 years, is the owner of Gallery Lafayette and Framing Studio in Old Town, Alexandria.

Giving back to the community, Healy also raised $1,500 for Stop Child Abuse Now of Northern Virginia (SCAN) by donating the sales of all the books that was given by Harper Collins.

Prints of the image used can be purchased at Gallery Lafayette, 130 S Royal Street in Alexandria.

The Bees, Creigh Deeds, and the DMV

Posted on | April 10, 2015 | 3 Comments

By Tom Sherman

Samantha Gallagher with the finished plate she designed.  Photo by Claire Harper.

Samantha Gallagher with the finished plate she designed. Photo by Claire Harper.

Long before she designed a license plate commemorating native pollinators, Alexandria resident Sam Gallagher always liked bees. Even in grade school, when her primordial instincts should have been acutely aware of their evolutionary danger. Read more

JOEL RAFAEL: A folk music mainstay helps keep the genre alive

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By Steve Houk

Ever’body might be just one big soul,
Well it looks that a-way to me.

Joel RafaelThose are Woody Guthrie’s words from “Tom Joad,” a ballad he wrote based on the main character in “The Grapes of Wrath.” And that one lyric might just perfectly encompass folk music in general. One big soul, everyone talking about things that shake their inner self, things that either need change, or need to remain the same.

Joel Rafael has his own description, one that you just might hear Guthrie saying himself.
“(Folk music’s) kinda like a stream that runs along,” Rafael told me from his home in California. “It gets drier in some places along the way, you’ll see a creek bed, you don’t see any water, but the creek bed is there, and maybe the water is down under the water table somewhere under the ground, and then further down the creek bed all of a sudden it pops out of a little spring somewhere, and there’s a flow and it gets bigger, goes down the hill, picks up speed. That’s how I see folk music down through time.” Read more

On Watch: Happy Trails with Roy and Dale

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By Marcus Fisk

Dale Evans and Roy Rogers with Trigger.Nearly everyone has had encounters with notable persons, celebrities, or those of greatness or fame. Over the years I have been fortunate to meet and talk with President Carter, President (then Major) Zia-al-haq of Pakistan who ate dinner at our home, chat with former Cleveland Indian pitcher Bob Feller, with Elizabeth Taylor in the Bahamas airport customs line, and spend about ten minutes with Peter O’Toole on the set of ‘Stuntmen’ (He had served in the Royal Navy, so we had lots in common). Rear Admiral John D. Bulkley spent a week on my ship. He was the PT Boat skipper who spirited General Douglas MacArthur off Corregidor, dodged Japanese patrols, and safely delivered him to Australia. As a young Naval Academy Midshipman, I even tried to pick up Dorothy Hamill at the World Arena in Colorado Springs during Christmas Leave 1975. I had no clue who she was — I just thought she was cute!

However, all these pale in comparison to meeting Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Read more

2015 Living Legend of Alexandria – Fred Parker

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by Diane Bechtol

Fred Parker.  Photo by Stephen Halperson/Tisara Photography.

Fred Parker. Photo by Stephen Halperson/Tisara Photography.

Frederic Goodfellow Parker is recognized for his pioneering spirit and the economic value it contributed to upper King Street and the entire City of Alexandria.
Prior to 1980, someone with a hankering for a “bowl of red” on upper King Street would have had a hard time of it. There were few restaurants or attractions and many tired buildings needed rehabilitation. Read more

George Washington High School Alumni Gather to Celebrate the Class of 1945

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By Jessica Mckay

Barbara (’44) and Austin (’43) Murray. Photo by Jessica McKay.

Barbara (’44) and Austin (’43) Murray. Photo by Jessica McKay.

On Wednesday, April 29th, nearly 50 alumni from George Washington (GW) High School gathered at Greenspring retirement community in Springfield, Va. to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the class of 1945. GW’s 1944-1950 Reunion Committee hosted the event, which welcomed alumni spanning more than 20 years in graduation dates from the class of 1941 through the class of 1962. Nearly half of the GW alumni attendees for the event are currently residents at Greenspring. Read more

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